Industry : Biotech
Founder : Daniel So

Genvida aims to provide a world class 4th generation nucleic acid sequencing platform based on our worldwide patent protected SONAS, SOlid-state NAnopore Sequencing, technology by combining the expertise from the semiconductor sector and the biotech industry. SONAS allows medical professionals, scientists and security personnel to perform on-site, ultrafast nucleic acid sequencing and receive quick answers to make informed decisions for use in medicine, drug discovery, basic research and homeland security.

Website : https://exlhub.com
Industry : Edutech, AI
Founder : Sasha Varlamov(CEO),Stan Varlamov(CTO),Karim Marrouche(EVP Operations)

EXLhub is the future of e-learning for professionals with intelligent applications, labs, and content delivery tools that make it easy, fun, and more effective than ever to train your team. In a world where technologies, regulations, and best practices change on a daily basis, EXLhub is the only training platform that helps you turn your talent into your next competitive advantage.

Industry : Healthcare, DNA Testing, Digital Health
Founder : Danny Yeung, Dr. Lawrence Tzang

Prenetics is the leading genetics-focused digital health company in Southeast Asia. Prenetics empowers individuals with valuable health information. With a simple saliva sample, individuals can discover how their genes affects their diet, drug response, disease and cancer risk. This information enables people to make health a choice, by living healthier and proactively preventing diseases. Prenetics has also recently acquired DNAFit, a leading consumer genetics testing company based in the UK. With this acquisition, Prenetics also will set up a new entity called Prenetics International which will be based in the UK with a focus on Insurance partnerships in Europe. Prenetics has now grown into a leading global genetic testing / digital health company. 

Industry : Biotech
Founder : World’s renowned clinician-scientists from The CUHK

The Company was founded in 2019 as a commercial platform parallel to Microbiota I-Center, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, with the vision of developing it into the most innovative and scientifically driven Asia-based microbiome biotechnology company that offers new solutions to global health. The Company’s mission is to transform novel microbiome signatures into ground-breaking diagnostics and effective therapeutics.

Website : www.apstemtx.com
Industry : Biotech
Founder : Min Hu

We started from the discovery of a new type of stem cell derived from animal blood (adult pluripotent stem cells, APSCs) in our prior work at Stanford University. We spent ten years, focusing on these cells, characterizing, expanding and differentiating them for homing and tissue regeneration. 

After licensing the Intellectual Property from Stanford in 2018, APstem Therapeutics has characterized human APSC and has confirmed human APSCs have superior regenerative capabilities over other stem cells. During the past a few years, our have established a platform approach that permits APSCs to be expanded and induced into specific cell types for targeting diseased tissue. We have demonstrated that our tissue specific differentiated APSCs can home in on the tissue/organs that need to be treated. APstem has a pipeline of products aim to meet the urgent and significant clinical unmet demand, as a result, there is a large market for our products.

Our differentiated cells have evinced full thickness skin regeneration in animal models and have demonstrated long-term control of blood sugar levels. Our lead product AP-Skin, is currently in development. We have received guidance from an FDA INTERACT meeting in October 2020 and plan to enter human trials in 2022. 

We are now at the pre-clinical stage and we completed a face-face INTERACT meeting with the FDA a few months ago, and are ready to start human trials in 2022. Our team is moving forward rapidly in the USA to make our products useful for millions of patients in the whole world in the near future.

Industry : B2B SaaS platform
Founder : Gerardo Salandra (Jerry), Iaroslav Kudritskiy (Jaro), and Hassan Ahmed
Respond.io (formerly Rocketbots)

Respond.io is a Messaging CRM that makes chatting with customers over messaging apps as easy for businesses as sending and receiving emails. Since our inception in 2017, we’ve thought long and hard about how the medium of change will change customer relationships and reinvent customer conversations.

We started in Hong Kong and expanded our teams with an additional office before deciding to relocate everyone to our shiny new headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. To power our next phase of growth we’ve secured funding from a selection of Hong Kong & German VCs and we’re looking for a team of talented individuals to help us succeed.

We’re on a mission to redefine an industry! This is challenging work – but our brilliant teams make this journey thrilling. We’re fast-paced, innovative, and collaborative. We pursue excellence in everything and have a lot of fun along the way. Come join us!

Industry : Semiconductor
Founder : Wu Jihao
Greenchip Semiconductor

Nanjing Greenchip Semiconductor was established in August 2016. Headquartered in Pukou Innovation and Development Zone, Nanjing, it has offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other regions. Its R&D team has more than 10 years of R&D experience and specializes in R&D and sales of energy-saving power management chip, product design in line with energy efficiency and special for electromagnetic interference suppression. As a chip R&D company with stable supplies in the industry, Nanjing Greenchip focuses on switching power supplies, third-generation semiconductor power devices and new energy charging and other related markets, and is committed to providing customers with the best high-density power supply solutions and quality service.

Industry : DeepTech
Founder : Tian Jun

Founded in 2015, Hitbot specializes in the research and development of core technologies such as end effectors, four-axis robotic arms, six-axis robotic arms, and linear actuators. In an efficient, low-cost, modular way, to provide customers with the ultimate cost-effective robot products and automation solutions. Our company aims to simplify automation and make it accessible to everyone. Lower the threshold of automation transformation in terms of cost and ease of use, so that it can be widely used in 6C, doctorate, new retail, automobile, education, and other fields.

Industry : Semiconductor
Founder : Chen Zhijian, Sun Yanbang

SpacemiT is a computing chip company focusing on the development of next-generation RISC-V high-performance CPUs and providing computing solutions with integrated hardware and software optimization. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of continuous progress and continuous iteration, we are committed to building the next computing era with natively integrated Cloud-Edge-Device Architecture.

Industry : Hardware
Founder : Shizheng Tao, Xiaokang Wan, Zongliang Pan
ePropulsion Innovation Limited

ePropulsion Innovation (HK) Limited is a creative and reliable provider of intelligent and sustainable marine products including electric outboard motors, water sports toys and underwater drones. It was founded in Hong Kong in 2012 and has offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dongguan.  For past five years, ePropulsion insisted on self-innovation and accumulated its core technology in R&D and cultivated a strong team of engineers, having successfully launched several eco-friendly, high-quality, recreational marine products. ePropulsion will keep leading new way of interacting with water and create more innovative products.

Industry : Chips
Founder : Professor Johnny Sin
JSAB Technologies

JSAB Technologies Limited is a high-tech company established in Hong Kong in 2017, specializing in design, research and development (R&D), and sales of power semiconductor devices. The core business is to design, develop, and supply power semiconductor products to her customers according to their needs in power electronic applications. The products are manufactured at top semiconductor foundries and packaging factories to ensure their quality, and are widely used in a variety of applications such as power management and supplies, energy conversion, and motor controlling, etc. A series of patented technology platforms, including Trench Field-Stop IGBT, Shielded-Gate Trench (SGT) MOSFET, and Superjunction (SJ) HV MOSFET, have been successfully developed.

Website : www.springdel.com
Industry : Information Technology
Founder : Calvin Chung

Springdel delivers immediate cost savings, productivity gains, and actionable intelligence through its flagship SaaS platform. Springmatic, is the world's only enterprise-grade EdgeOps platform purpose-built for the interactive Edge of Things. There are 24 countries deployed in over 10 verticals.

Industry : Biotechnology
Founder : Prof. Michael Yang, Dr. Tao Xu, Dr. Henry Zou, Mr. Huayang Fu

Cellomics is committed to providing a full range of precision diagnostic products and services for cancer screening and detection. The company is a national high-tech enterprise integrating liquid biopsy technology and product development, production and sales, and testing services, with research centers in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Chengdu, as well as a GMP production base and a medical laboratory in Shenzhen. Cellomics develops proprietary microfluidics technology and nucleic acid detection technology and has launched the market-leading "Circulating Tumor Cell Enrichment and Detection", "Chipless Digital PCR", "Single-cell NGS Sequencing" technology platforms and corresponding IVD kits, providing clinical and research markets with products and services for cancer early screening, detection, companion diagnosis, disease monitoring, and personalized treatment.

Website : www.zilliz.com
Industry : Software, AI
Founder : Charles Xie 谢超 謝超

Zilliz built the world’s most advanced vector database, to accelerate the development of next-generation data fabric. The platform's efficiency and reliability simplify the process of deploying AI and MLOps at scale. Zilliz is on a mission to make sense of explosive growth unstructured data through open-source and cloud-native solutions. Our technology has broad applications spanning new drug discovery, computer vision, recommender engines, chatbots, and much more. Zilliz is currently an important participant in LF AI & Data, the world’s largest open-source foundation in the field of AI and big data.

Industry : AI
Founder : Xu Chen

SmartSens Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading supplier of high-performance CMOS imaging systems worldwide and a forerunner in the video surveillance industry. Its products are widely used in the fields of vehicle-mounted imaging, machine vision and consumer electronics (sports cameras, drones, robot cleaners, smart home cameras, etc.). With research centers based in Shanghai and Beijing among others, the company focuses on providing future-oriented solutions and market-leading products.

Coupled with cutting-edge technology and innovation, SmartSens is the industry’s first-ever company to introduce the global shutter CIS sensors based on voltage domain architecture and stack BSI process. Since its founding, SmartSens has been committed to providing customers with high-quality smart sensors.


Industry : Biotech, Metagenomic
Founder : Wang Xiaokai

01Life is a Shenzhen-based biotechnology company focusing on human microbial technology. We provide novel solutions to the clinical research, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases applying the latest technologies in the human microbiome, with currently available products including IVDs (e.g., gut microbiome testing and DNA testing), dietary supplements (probiotics), and innovative drugs (e.g., biotherapeutics for atopic dermatitis, diabetes, and obesity).

The mission of 01Life is to safeguard the health of our clients for the full life cycle with human microbial technology and serve with sincerity and professionalism.

Industry : Clothing
Founder : Wang Min Fu

At LILYSILK, we want to inspire people to live a better life and more sustainable lifestyle. Our care for one another and the planet is what drives us.

We believe that zero waste can make a difference to people and the planet. We can confidently say, “Not all silk is created equal” and our mission is to be recognised as the best silk brand globally. We want LILYSILK to be your favorite companion by providing the utmost products and services, every day and forevermore.

Industry : IT equipment refurbishment
Founder : Daniel Wang
Skytech Global

Skytech Global Ltd. (STG) was established and has been with Microsoft Gold Certified Partners since 2005. Over years of development, STG has become North America's most competitive company in Information Technology Asset Disposition and Refurbishing Industry.

STG provides a variety of off-leased and refurbished product solutions to a wide range of clienteles across the globe, from end users and small business to Fortune Global 500 corporations. While we make off-leased refurbished products available to the general public, we also strive to minimalize the world’s ecological footprint.

Products that arrive at STG facilities through the Asset Recovery Program are restored to ISO and R2 industrial standards. Systems are then loaded with cutting edge software technology and are meticulously prepared and tailored to consumer use. An array of stringent tests is used to ensure our products quality continues to act as a benchmark for the refurbishing industry standard.

Industry : Computer Vision & AI
Founder : Andre Cheung
Robotics Cats

Robotics Cats Limited is a technology company headquartered in Hong Kong. We focus on computer vision, AI, and robotics technologies. We develop and provide early wildfire detection and environmental monitoring solutions to international customers. Our solutions help national parks/forestry, wildfire services, world heritages, private plantations, and infrastructure companies around the world to mitigate wildfire risks and damages.

Industry : Consumer Electronics, Supply Chain
Founder : Frank Fan, Yixuan Lin

Founded in 2018, SOLOPICK selects China's high-quality supply chain to global especially focusing on small appliance and home living. SOLOPICK dedicated to help each unique customer to create joyful living space.

With more than ten years of experience in branding overseas, the team has built up 1000+ retail channels and has distribution partners in over 120 countries. Now mainly developed the emerging market in ASEAN.

Industry : Consumer Electronics
Founder : Hong Zhu

We are a team of engineers, geeks and robot enthusiasts. Using our experience in designing complex robotics with simple user interfaces and mass producing highly-reliable consumer devices, we believe the time is now to bring robotics out of the lab and into the house. Whether it’s taking care of household tasks, keeping an eye on a loved one who need extra care, or looking after a pet while on travel, our technology will enable people to do more in their day-to-day life. We’re here to enable you to enjoy your family life to the fullest.

Our pets are our family members, and we are aware of the increasing rate of pet obesity and neglect in the past years. We wanted to create a solution. So, we put our minds together and after working on over 100 iterations and undergoing rigorous rounds of testing, we are proud to finally showcase Ebo (our first product) to the public.

Industry : Platform Business, InsurTech
Founder : Andy Ann, William Lee, Kelvin Cheung
YAS Digital

Changing how Insurance is perceived by building ecosystems and creating extreme satisfaction.  YAS is a leading InsurTech pioneer in Asia founded by serial entrepreneurs headquartered in HK.  Through our deep technologies and data analytics-driven intelligence, we are able to work with our partners to offer diverse insurance products that are meaningful for customers.  We are the first InsurTech venture to leverage on blockchain technology and social data to make protection a part of everyday life. 

Industry : E-commerce service, Retail
Founder : Franz Wu, Kathy Tsui

Yoho, which was established in 2013, is the pioneer of Hong Kong e-commerce service. Through a unique shopping platform, both online and offline, YOHO strives to offer customers a wide range of quality products at an attractive price. Yoho takes the leading role in Hong Kong online shopping development. At the moment, it has over 200 thousands registered members and over 500 thousands monthly website visits. Yoho also has over 17,000 listed products. They are mainly electronics products with some other related items. According to Alexa traffic data, Yoho tops the ranking of Hong Kong electronics products online shop traffic. 

Industry : AI
Founder : Xu Li

SenseTime focuses on the original technology of computer vision and deep learning, and is the world’s leading artificial intelligence company. With its mission of “Being original in artificial intelligence to lead human progress”, SenseTime has established China’s top independent R&D deep learning supercomputing center, becoming the country’s leading supplier of artificial intelligence algorithms.

Apart from outperforming peers in terms of technical strength and revenue, SenseTime has the highest market share among verticals. Currently, SenseTime partners with over 400 renowned universities, enterprises and organizations at home and abroad, including MIT, Hong Kong Chinese University, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Honda, China Mobile, UnionPay, Wanda, Suning, HNA, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, Weibo, iFLYTEK and Cyberspace Administration of China, covering security, smartphones, interactive advertising, automotive, finance, retail, robots and more by providing face recognition, image recognition, text recognition, medical image recognition, video analytics and driverless technology.

In April 2018, SenseTime closed a US$600 million Series C funding round, setting a global record in the field of artificial intelligence and becoming the world’s most valuable artificial intelligence company.  With offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Kyoto, Tokyo and Singapore, SenseTime brings together top talents from around the world to create a world-class original artificial intelligence company, enabling China’s wisdom to benefit the world.

Industry : AI
Founder : Kevin Chan, Rex Sham
Insight Robotics

Established in 2009, Insight Robotics’ mission is to enable active risk management of the world's assets by generating and making sense of data. We focus to develop innovative technology and solutions that helps our clients in the forestry and plantation sector to safeguard their investments and manage their operational risks.
Insight Robotics’ core innovations include the automated wildfire detection system and a cost-effective aerial survey solution for large scale, precise mapping to pinpoint high risk areas. The solutions provide intelligent early warning threat detection, as well as helping our clients to collect, analyse and visualise data across large land areas easily and intuitively, so that they can assess the risks and respond quickly before large-scale disaster strikes.
To-date, over 100 wildfire detection robots have been deployed and 1.3 million ha of land are being protected. We have successfully carried out projects and conducted demonstration/ Proof-of-Concept worldwide, including in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and South Africa. 
Insight Robotics is an award-winning technology company. 
•       2014: HKICT Gold Award 
•       2015: “Entrepreneur of the Year” at the IBM SmartCamp Global Finals
•       2016:  Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA) Awards
We also work in affiliation or in collaboration with forestry/ plantation industry partners, as well as forestry and agro-science research institutions to develop new IT-based technology.

Industry : health implementation
Founder : Kow Ping, Wallace Wong
Well Being Digital

Well Being Digital (WBD101) provides highly accurate biometric sensing solutions to tier 1 consumer electronics companies for fitness and healthcare applications. WBD101’s sensors are outstanding in terms of small physical size, minimal form factor constraints, high accuracy and low cost.This enables end-users to monitor their biometric data continuously and affordably, so as to maintain and enhance fitness and wellbeing. Its award-winning technologies are recognised world-wide, including two awards (Gold and Special) at the 43rd International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva and the Best Wearable Mobile Technology at Mobile World Congress 2016. Moving forward, WBD101 will further expand their product portfolio. More biometric data monitoring will also be commercialised, including blood pressure and average blood glucose level. The company’s vision is to become a world-class technology provider of biometric wearables and hearables.

Industry : Indoor map and positioning service platform
Founder : John Chan, Ocean Ng, Issac Zhang​

Mapxus is an industry-leading indoor mapping technology platform that provides state-of-the-art indoor map services for global applications. It works with diverse business organizations across industry sectors, government bodies, NGOs, and social enterprises to create comprehensive city-based indoor maps for public sharing.

Mapxus strives to make indoor mapping simple, by integrating with universal multi-sensing, positioning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Mapxus opens up unlimited possibilities for businesses and communities to develop various useful and meaningful applications to solve our everyday problems and create a smarter city together. It co-creates more intelligent technology solutions to connect businesses and individuals, enhancing efficiency, and improving people's lives, building a smart city for everyone.

Industry : Media Analytics, Platform Business
Founder : Edwin Wong, Rudy Chan, Leo Siu

Cloudbreakr is a media analytics company based on big data and AI analysis, with business operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Thailand. With the latest marketing technology applications and integrated AI-powered solutions, the platform provides influencer discovery tool with profile insight, topic search discovery, customized analysis report and influencer marketing campaign management to over 100 MNCs in the Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

Website : http://jarvix.io
Industry : FinTech, eCommerce, Platform Business
Founder : Samson Ho, Kevin Lai

Jarvix was established in 2016, and provides Software as a Service (SaaS) and open Internet economic infrastructural services (digital payment, logistics fulfilment, lending, advertising, supply chain) in the form of APIs and plugins to brand owners, distributors, merchants, beauty and wellness centres, and individuals sellers, with a mission of making the Internet economy smarter and more inclusive.

Industry : Consumer Electronics
Founder : Jon Chan
CYC Motor

We are a group of electric mountain bike (E-MTB) enthusiasts made up of designers and engineers. Our vision is to take E-MTB to a whole new level. We are a team with 6 years of successful experience developing and selling electric mountain bike conversion kits worldwide, and we are now working on our next generation of revolutionary products. We aim to provide a holistic package of parts and services that turns ordinary bikes into smart electric mountain bikes. Our team focuses on both hardware and software development, including electronics and controller system, mid drive motor system, and smart accessories.

Industry : Takeaway Platform
Founder : Ravic Li

Founded in April 2014, the Headquarter is based in Guangzhou with branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, etc. There are over 100 staff specialized in Research and Development. At the same time, there are 6 operating sites in Beishangguang, Qingdao and Wuxi with over 3000 positions.

With 10+years of developmental experience, Can-dao dedicated to provide a one - stop solution to food and beverage industry, helping them with software -a s -a- service (SaaS) delivery management systems, distribution systems and business data analysis centres. As of March 2019, we have served over 200 restaurant brands, including Haagen-Dazs, Burger King, Papa John' s and Costa. It currently provides services to nearly 30,000 offline restaurants in over 300 cities in China, with over 1.4 billion yuan ($209 million) in month gross merchandise volume.

Industry : Platform
Founder : Kay Lui, Maff Wong

HKTaxi was founded in July 2013. Its app allows passengers in Hong Kong to get a taxi in an easy, snappy, and convenient manner. The app creates a platform that promotes quality rides through its driver accountability mechanism and 24/7 customer hotline. To date, HKTaxi has more than 60,000 registered drivers and has served more than 30 million orders. Having more than 1.4 million downloads, it is the most popular taxi-hailing app in Hong Kong and is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.